Dec 3rd - 5th, 2021 

Selina Miami River

Come discover FURNISHED, a creative collaboration of Miami's soul, where everyone can join together to embrace art freely. For three days only, artists will transform the Selina Miami River hotel into a magical disruption of visual art, music and interactive theater. Join us for special features by MILAGROS collective, Raul Santos and other emerging artists, plus performances curated by Rick Moon.

Visual Artists

Milagros Collective Feat. Image

MILAGROS collective

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Community and collaboration are the heart of the MILAGROS collective ethos. Co-founded by Felici Asteinza and Joey Fillastre, MILAGROS is a mural and installation collective based in New Orleans. Inspired by their Latinx upbringing, MILAGROS aspires to create enjoyable spaces for intergenerational gathering, where individuals can feel connected through positive experiences.

In this mesmerizing exhibition, MILAGROS collective took over the pool area with their trademark radial pattern. They painted floats and fabric sections, installing them in and around the pool to cover existing furniture and foliage. “Crud buddies”, made from recycled materials, also make an appearance.

Luis Pinto

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Luis Pinto is a Peruvian-American interdisciplinary studio artist, whose art practice is informed by pop culture and racial politics. He blends mediums together to conceal and reveal his ideas in an interplay between industrial objects of the urban landscape. Through his work, Pinto explores the liminal spaces where systems and objects separate and collide. He creates and manages projects with artists and local businesses, and runs Strangeways Magazine, a curatorial publication.

Pinto created a conceptual living space on one of the porches with wall art, multimedia art and ceramic sculptures. He installed a subwoofer inside El Dorado Furniture’s Julep Loveseat, so you can feel the sound’s vibrations. Illuminated by LED lights, the loveseat is placed next to a table built by Pinto. You’ll also find limited copies of a special edition of Strangeways Magazine.

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Raul Santos

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Raul Santos is a Cuban-American artist born and raised in Miami. During his time as a street artist, he took to a more complex and extended use of lettering and automatic writing. He moved these letters into abstraction, demarcating them with vivid colors and bold contrasts. His current work uses lines to connect places, spaces and frames of mind. They are pathways that map the artist’s experience for the observer to follow.

Santos painted El Dorado Furniture’s Stefania Round Mirror. He installed this piece along with other paintings inside Casa Florida, bringing exhibition-goers a series of hypnotic artworks. In addition to the indoor installation, Santos painted the bar closest to the pool with his signature patterns.

Ali Shrago-Spechler

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Ali Shrago-Spechler is an interdisciplinary artist and educator from Hollywood, Florida. Her work explores the malleability of history, imagined community and the landscape of memory. Through paintings, sculptures, installations and interactive events, she creates a nostalgic and strange space for her audience. Her art dives into Jewish histories and cultures while encouraging viewers to question their own narratives.

Shrago-Spechler’s installation explores sea and ship as places of desperation, rootlessness and possibility. The boat was made from recycled paper, cardboard and salvaged furniture. Inside the boat, the sculptures are inspired by archives, news clippings and oral histories of migrants who traveled to the Port of Miami.

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sleeper makes work to digest and externalize their experiences, in hopes of connecting with others and sharing a collective understanding. Their work examines the way we remember and begins a dialogue about the false realities we create to cope with social constraints. sleeper uses pattern and light to create spaces that immerse their audiences.

Known for creating and staging performance environments as part of their art practice, sleeper selected a three-piece hexagon stage that spans 20’ by 8’ to create a site-specific sculptural installation building. They then used the pyramid-shaped Mirelle Side Table as a starting point to build a showroom-inspired exhibition.

Young At Art Museum’s ArtCade

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Young At Art Museum (YAA) is an interactive contemporary art museum for children and families in Broward County Florida that has been at the forefront of contemporary art and arts education since 1989. Its mission is to provide inspiring, interactive experiences through art to shape young minds and enrich our community. YAA is a place where art is woven into every hands-on experience and artists come together. YAA boasts a prolific community initiatives programming that brings art experiences to the underserved.

As part of YAA’s ArtCade, this collection features four interactive artworks including three cabinets designed and built by local art fabricator PSYCHOJ with video games designed by interactive artist and video game designer Samuel Lopez De Victoria. Each cabinet was custom painted by Freaky Kiss Designs, Kever Ones and DXE Studios in their own recognizable style.

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Christopher Ian Macfarlanes animation_feat-image1.png

Christopher Ian Macfarlane

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Christopher Ian Macfarlane is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist from South Florida. His work has been featured in television shows, magazines, music videos and the Sundance Film Festival. Whether it’s animating, woodworking, creating immersive environments, painting, making costumes and puppets, or designing video games, his whimsical imagination shines through.

Macfarlane brings you an exciting hour-long video reel consisting of animations, music videos and short films. He also built a cabinet that houses a video game with his animations, programmed by his thirteen-year-old son and video game designer, Judah Macfarlane.


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FLMINGO is a Miami-based graffiti writer known for her meticulous lettering and character work. Her flamingo character and pattern can be found in Miami and many other cities around the world.

In a 20-foot-long mural wall, FLMINGO makes a vibrant statement with her iconic flamingo pattern.

Meet the Curator
Zack Spechler

Zack Spechler is a curator, artist, and lawyer working in South Florida. His art practice is focused on bringing artwork to non-traditional spaces that engages the public in the critique of sociological value systems through exhibitions, interactive performances, installations and contrived experiences. Whether it’s looking at social norms, dogmatic practices, or legal precedent, Spechler is infatuated with human’s need to conform and believes art can be a powerful tool to shed light on institutional hypocrisy.

Special Guests



Ijoank Luis_The Time_artwork image.png

Ijoank Luis 

Ijoank Luis graduated from the Professional School of Plastic Arts in Pinar del Río, Cuba in 1996. He has participated in various exhibitions both in Cuba and abroad including in the USA, where he emigrated in 2007. Since then, he has evolved in his art practice and continues to work as an artist in Miami. 


For our exhibition, Luis will be showcasing three pieces of artwork: The Time, Tension and Song of an Unknown Fight. These pieces draw on the feelings of uncertainty he experienced right before leaving his native land and emigrating to the United States.

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Enrique Ermus

Born in Santiago de Cuba, Enrique Ermus graduated with a masters in plastic art education, specializing in painting and drawing. His culture, life experiences and deep connection to the island are what influence his artwork. He has created more than 10 personal exhibitions and has participated in over 40 collective exhibitions. 


Ermus will showcase five pieces from his series, Muñecos Con Vida, where he plays with composition through lines to showcase the uncertain and difficult destiny of Cuban youth. In his pieces, children pose as puppets with strings hanging from their heads, a symbol of the repression and lack of freedoms they experience.

Lazaro Dominguez_Decoazul.png

Lazaro Dominguez

Lazaro Dominguez is a Cuban artist with a broad artistic and pedagogical training in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and design. He has participated in several group exhibitions and art events. He has also created numerous individual and collective exhibitions of his work and has won several prizes in visual arts. His works are featured in private collections in about 15 countries.


Dominguez will showcase three architecture-inspired drawings and paintings reminiscent of Cuba’s colonial architecture: Juego Portuno, Apariencia and Decoazul. The pieces consist of models and structures, represented through a combination of fragments. Vibrant images of buildings appear to transform, offering interesting positions, perspectives and directions.

Interactive Theater


Gig Life's Troupe

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The leader of Gig Life’s troupe, Emmanuel De Jesús is an eclectic and multidisciplinary artist, trained in ballet and other dance disciplines. His credits include Hermès, Elle UK, Swarovski, West Side Story's 50th anniversary world tour and NBC Latino. De Jesús has choreographed and performed as a back-up dancer for Latin artists. With 15+ years of experience, he is also a talented makeup artist who has worked at New York Fashion Week.

In a celebration of self-expression and movement, the Gig Life’s troupe brings you an eclectic mix of characters in extravagant costumes and makeup. These characters explore the different facets of LatinX identity in pop culture: a 50's Chacha Showgirl, Rich Butler, High Priestess and inner city Urban Papi. Through short, powerful vignettes, they give you a deep look into how we, as a community, furnish who we pretend to be and who we really are.