"Furnish" means to provide one with what is needed. 

Art has shaped Miami’s culture for decades. Every brush stroke, dance move and performance has become a part of the city’s DNA. And, it’s all because of our artists. They give a part of themselves to their community – to us. They embody the very soul of Miami, and now that soul will be on exhibit for everyone to enjoy.


FURNISHED was especially designed by a community of emerging artists, El Dorado Furniture and Selina Miami River, to cultivate a space for artists to be seen and discovered. 


From the beginning, our mission was to nurture a creative collaboration that doesn't diminish or impose on the artists, but rather amplifies their work. That’s why we chose true art missionaries that specialize in curating visual art, music and interactive theater to lead this immersive experience.


They had complete freedom to disrupt the space. Everything, from building their teams to choosing materials and concepting their performances, was carefully hand-picked and thought-out by the curators and artists. 


The result: A perfectly “FURNISHED” platform that features eye-catching installations, made with El Dorado Furniture products and recycled materials, high-energy live music and thought-provoking performances.

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Come experience Miami's Soul